Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Beautiful Dylan

The first of four historical archivals/retirements has happened. Ruthie Smithens is now sold out from AG on-line and I'm sad to see such a beautiful doll leave but a week or so ago I took my Dylan out for a photo shoot to help those who were on the fence about her push them over. LOL These were originally posted on Instagram over a number of days but you get to enjoy them all at one time. (^_^)

I'm soo happy my DH and DD bought her for me for as a Christmas/Anniversary present this past year. There are no more gray eyed dolls in the AG line up and I'm fortunate enough to own one of them.

Farewell Ruthie Smithens, you will be missed!

Meet Haven!

As you can see, I kinda fell off the face of the Earth. It wasn't intentional but it happened with all the end of the year activities with my kids... my oldest will be a Freshman in High School come August... I'm a mom to a High Schooler! Aaarrgghhh! LOL Then I helped with my 1st graders end of the year party PLUS Saleen had two collections released since my last post. Not to mention my birthday. So it has been a busy few weeks but I can finally say we are all settled into our daily Summer routine of just relaxing. Of course I still took photos of my girls during my absences and I will post them in a bit but guess what happened during my time away.

American Girl Doll - Rebecca Rubin

Yes, I got Rebecca Rubin... even though her name here is Haven! (^_^) She is such a beautiful doll and I love her soo much! She truly is unique and her eyes are stunning. I thought they'd be similar to Nevaeh's but her's are more green. She is amazing! I'm glad I finally got her.

So it looks like I need to update my header and add my two new girls (yeah, ZoĆ« is missing from up there too) BUT I have one more girl I'm bringing back... seller's remorse because I miss her soo much. The only thing is I have to purchase her quickly otherwise I may miss out. Yes, she's one of the soon to be archived/retired dolls. (;_・)

Thanks everyone for commenting and continuing to read my blog. I really appreciate it!