Thursday, July 31, 2014

Girl Talk

American Girl of the Year 2009 Best Friend - Sonali Matthews
American Girl of the Year 2011 - Kanani Akina
Here's another peek into Saleen's bedroom. There's a lot of decorating left to be done but I can only do a little at a time. I'm really hoping to get a bookshelf to have a permanent set up for my girls because I want to make a room for Zoë and possibly a kitchen and/or living room. For now I'm happy and will enjoy my  temporary setup. (^_^)

Oh, I need to decide if I add her design studio (which arrived today) in her room or have it in it's own space. I guess for now it'll have to be in her room because space is limited. ^^; There's still one more package but it hasn't even shipped yet, supposed to ship tomorrow. >.> 

Wow! Look at me I made blog posts 2 days in a row and I already have my post ready for tomorrow too! (^_^)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

G'day Everyone!

American Girl of the Year 2009 Best Friend - Sonali Matthews
American Girl of the Year 2011 - Kanani Akina

Snapped a quick pic of Nevaeh, Princess and Saleen taking a break from decorating and rearranging Saleen's room. Saleen still has some other pieces coming in the mail, actually UPS but her room is really starting to take shape. I've finally found a real direction for her room to go. You'll be getting sneak peeks as I set it up. 

Well, Summer vacation is almost over and I've only posted here like twice. I guess between having all my children home and Saleen's budding clothing line, Saleen's Style, I haven't had much time to blog. Good news! That's all about to change because my kids start school on August 12th and I'm really sad to see them go. :*(

I do have some updates to report. It appears I've hit what some collectors call the couch of contentment with my collection. I'm not looking to add any new girls but enjoy the ones already here and build their personalities. I know I said that before but I mean it this time though. LOL My collection has been reduced by 2 girls, Chrissa (fka Karma) and Jess (fka Kalea) have moved on to a new homes, so now my group is down to a cozy 9 girls. This number seems to be comfortable for me and everyone has their place. Guess it's time I update my header. ^^;

So, my main character is Saleen and if you follow me on Instagram you already know. (^_^) Her sister is Zoë (#58) and Saleen's best friend is Nevaeh. BUT Zoë also has a best friend, Maisie. If you're keeping count that is 4, what about the other 5? They are the supporting cast. ^^; I know that sounds bad but I can't it, those 4 are my main girls. (^_^)

How was your Summer? 
Any new arrivals or departures?