Monday, January 19, 2015

ADAD 2015 - 19/365

"Only an open heart can catch a dream."

This is going to be an amazing week. No I'm not getting anything new uess you mean stuff from Target like the Valentine's Day food erasers. I picked a couple of packs over the weekend and I also got some of the Out Generation accessory sets too. I'll post my find a little later so you can be on the look out at your local Target. (^_^)


  1. Oh, cool! I didn't see any food like erasers during my last stop at the "dollar spot." I'll have to look again. :) Looking forward to your update. My latest trip netted the Boho outfit.

    1. The erasers are in the Valentine's section for the erasers, not $1 spot. But I heard there are some rugs and mini mailboxes though. (^_^)

    2. Ah! That makes sense. I'll check it out next time I'm there. I did pick up one of the mailboxes.

    3. I plan to take anohter trip to Taget to get some more myself as well as look at the OG stuff. I'm holding true to my statement about not adding anymore dolls but creating a "world" for the ones that already live here. (^_^)

    4. Nice. I should stop collecting outfits and work more on adding foods and other accessories...but some of the outfits are so darn cute. With OG changing to the soft shoes, it's easier to say no to the outfits.

    5. I know sometimes it's soo hard to decide what to get. LOL

    6. If I really can't decide, I walk away empty handed and look another day.