Friday, January 9, 2015

GOTY Grace Thomas DIY Projects

With Grace Thomas and her collection out for a week now, everyone has had time to drool over her collection and try to digest the prices. Like a lot of people, I love EVERYTHING but some of the items like her Bakery for instance are quite a bit of money... okay $500 is A LOT of money. So I am grateful for the people who have taken to making their own versions of these highly sought after pieces of her collection and sharing how they did it.

Have you guys seen the DIY Grace Thomas Bakery by AG Doll Play?

Doesn't this look amazing! You can check out the inside and how they did it here... I think this looks a million times better and has a lot more play value than the current AG bakery. While I ABSOLUTELY love the kitchen, I think it would be fun to actually have the girls work, play and eat in the bakery. 

Also, what about DIY Grace's Bistro Set by American Girl Ideas?
She made an amazing replica of Grace's Bistro Set and it only cost here $20 vs $85! Can you say, AMAZING! You can check out all the details on how to make it here...

Now, I bet you are wondering if anyone attempted to re-create the Pastry Cart and I'm happy say yes, PlanetAG4U on YouTube made a fantastic pastry cart!
She explains and shows how to make your own pastry cart here...

Who else is inspired to re-create these amazing projects for their dolls? I sure know I am and will try to make all 3 of them. LOL Now mine may not be exactly like theirs but at least I know it's possible to make my own and save a lot of money doing it! 


  1. Thank you for sharing these! Did you see Amaya's bistro? Looks great too.

    1. No I hadn't seen that tutorial. Thanks for sharing. (^_^)