Sunday, January 11, 2015

My AGPLA Trip Report

My trip to AGPLA was threatened by it raining all day but I would not let rain stop me. LOL

Looks like the rain didn't stop anyone from visiting The Grove where AGPLA is located. My heart was racing waiting for the people to cross the street. I couldn't wait to park so I could go in and see everything.

Man if I had the space I would love to setup this display in my own home. LOL This display is located in the from window of AGPLA. Isn't this display amazing?

I'm soo smitten with Grace's baking set and can't wait to bring it home. I loved it even more in person.

Grace's traveling set and coat are very cute.

Remember when I said I'd bring home to Pastry Cart. I've changed my mind and will not bring it home after all. It's cute but too much plastic for my taste.

Grace's Bistro Set is adorable and I love everything about it. My thoughts on getting this hasn't changed because I think it would make awesome props for photo shoots.

Now the big ticket item... Grace's Bakery is AMAZING! 
This piece of Grace's collection will DEFINITELY come home. I know I said $500 is a lot of money but you get 60 accessories. Now if you figure that each accessory cost $5 and there are 60 pieces, you're basically getting $300 worth of accessories and the bakery itself is only $200. So after looking at it this way and seeing the bakery in person, I think this is worth every penny. I will have to save up for it but I hope I'll be able to get for my birthday in May. 

Now I know you are thinking, you're really going to spend $500 on a kitchen? Yes and no! LOL Yes I'll be paying $500 for the structure but I have soo many other plans to use it as not only a bakery but a bedroom, clothing store, etc. the usage ideas are infinite. (^_^)

All of the clothing offered in Grace's collection. Like I already said, the only clothing I'll be getting beside her meet outfit are her PJs. Her clothing collection has pieces I like but not complete outfits. For instance, I like the shoes and shorts of the City Outfit but not sweater. The baking outfit has cute shoes but I'm not too fond of the rest of the outfit. So I may have to keep an eye out for the pieces I like but I guess I could just buy the outfit and sell the pieces I don't. At any rate, I have 11 months to figure that out. 

I had an amazing time at AGPLA even though there were a lot of people there but he best part was I got to pick out my sweet Ayala. <3


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. Congratulations on the new addition to your collection. :)