Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome Grace Thomas, American Girl of the Year 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

The time has finally come with Isabelle's reign officially over, we welcome a much anticipated (for me, anyways) release by American Girl of Grace Thomas, Girl Of The Year 2015 which I'm super excited for her arrival! Like I said earlier, she will be joining my other girls because her story centers around baking, entrepreneurship and traveling to France.

I love to bake (she even has a stand mixer likes mine) with my children and we all know I took a big jump into entrepreneurship last year with Saleen's Style. (^_^) I would love to one day visit France but I guess I will have to journey there via Grace's books. So it's safe to say, her character really hits home for me but I will be honest she will not stay canon. No she will not be Grace Thomas here because I've already chosen her name and will reveal it next week when I bring her home. On the other hand, I may keep elements from her story to help build her character. But enough about that for now, let's look at my favorite things from her collection. So without further ado.
I absolutely love Grace Thomas, Girl Of The Year 2015's look. She reminds me of Chrissa but with longer hair and freckles. I know I sold my Chrissa but I'll be honest it was due to her hair. ^^; I tried to like the short hair but the only dolls with short hair I love without a doubt and that have successfully remained in my collection are Maisie & Zoƫ. I think Grace has a very sweet look and she will become good friends with Saleen, once she moves into the neighborhood. (^_^)

 GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas  Bakery

LOVE her Bakery! Sadly I already know I will not be able to afford it though since it costs $500! It's truly a beautiful piece but quite massive in size. I'll be realistic with myself here, I have no space or the extra money to purchase it. I will have to enjoy it through other collectors photos. (;~;)

 GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Pastry Cart

Now the Pastry Cart is whole other story. (^_^) I will bring it home because I think it's a nice trade off to get some of her bakery goodness at a more reasonable price. I don't know exactly how I will use the actual cart yet but I'm sure I will be able to figure something out. ^^;

 GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Baking Set

Also, not going to pass up the opportunity to bring home her Baking Set. I must have her stand mixer because it reminds me so much of my own plus did you see the tablet that also comes with? These will great additions to my dollhouse kitchen, once I build it. LOL

 GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Bistro Set

Lastly, I'm loving the Bistro Set! I do wish it came with 2 chairs as opposed to one. Will have to see if I can find a second chair. I'm not sure if I will bring this home just yet but I'm leaning toward yes. ^^; I think this would make for some pretty amazing outdoor Spring and Summer photo shoots.

As you can see aside from Grace herself, I'm really interested in getting all of her furniture pieces with the exception of her Bakery. If it were to go on sale for an exceptionally good price, it'll have to come home too. LOL

Now you may notice I haven't really commented on any of her clothing or accessories. While her clothing is cute, they're just not really any of my girls style with the exception of her meet shirt and boots. Plus I already have a character developing in my head for her and it doesn't involve any of her clothes but her meet shirt not to mention she will be graciously donating her meet boots to Saleen's wardrobe. ^^; But here are all of her clothing and accessories. 

So what do you think of Grace Thomas, Girl Of The Year 2015? Will you bring any of her or her collection home?


  1. I love all of her collection and I will be bringing her, a couple outfits, and her baking set home tomorrow! I will be getting the snack cart sometime this year, but not the bakery. The bakery is awesome, I just wish it was less expensive. I love Grace and I'm so excited to get her!! :)

    1. I know I would love to get the bakery but that price way out of my price range but like I said, if it were to go on super sale, I would totally buy it. LOL I can't wait to get my Grace too! (^_^)