Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spent Some Time with Ayala!

So, I've decided I'm not up for the ADAD challenge this year after all. It's a little saddening but I'm alright admitting my defeat. I did make it to day 42! (Click here to see all he photos from my ADAD 2015. ^^) I think the reason why I failed was because all I could think about was photographing Ayala. I wanted to give all my girls a turn in the spotlight but Ayala was on my mind the whole time. So it made me very unhappy and I just stopped taking photos all together. 

I couldn't help myself any longer and had a mini photo shoot with Ayala this past weekend and thanks to my amazing 14yo daughter, I now have a café/bakery/bistro/etc. for Ayala too! (n.n) 

We are still working on it but I LOVE it! I chose the colors and I'm so happy with how it turned out because not only can it serve as bakery but a bedroom too! This will be Ayala's bedroom when not in bakery/café mode. (^_^) I hope to get better pictures when the sun is in the right position for indoor photos but enjoy the sneak peek of Ayala's space.