About Me

Hey everyone, I'm My, the proprietress of this here blog you are reading. I just figured out that I don't like to talk about myself. LOL Is that weird?

Fun Facts About Me:
   * Mom of 5
   * Wife to one incredible, dolly habit enabling/supporting hubby.
   * Favorite Color: Pink
   * Favorite Food: Haribo Gummy Bears (okay, fave junk food)
   * Favorite Movie(s): Harry Potter Series
   * I like to bake, read, crochet, sew and create whatever my heart desires.

My blog started as place for my complete doll collection featuring all kind of dolls... Blythe, Dals, BJDs, Monster High, Pullips... just to name a few. But Among the Dolls has since evolved into my very own American Girl Doll Haven... ALL AG, ALL the Time! ;-) You can find photos of my AGs out and about as well as see clothing and accessories I've created for my 18" American Girl Dolls and 6" American Girl Mini Dolls.

I'm HAPPY I'm able to share this love and enthusiasm of dolls with my own two girls and others who wander through pages. Thanks for stopping by Among the Dolls!


  1. I love your blog!! Also thats cool that you collect a whole range of dolls :) So do I! I love seeing all your cool outfits, you're a very talented seamstress :D
    -Lydia from AGfernfriends

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and your kind comments. (^_^)